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Welcome to Maryborough Bridge Club.

Maryborough Bridge Club is currently open to visitors. Visitors must show proof of double (or booster if appropriate) vaccination before entering the clubhouse.

Players of all ages, young and old are welcome to come and enjoy the friendly country hospitality that Maryborough Bridge Club offers. The club is air conditioned, carpeted and comfortable.

Enjoy a mix of bridge standards from beginner to excellent.

Wheel chair access is available for players with mobility problems and the club also has a WC with wheel chair access.

Free parking is available in the grounds and angle parking in the street for easy access.

Conveniently located near several motels and caravan parks. Visitors are always welcome.

Maryborough Bridge Club is among the least expensive fees in Australia that include tea, coffee and biscuits.

Lessons for beginners are conducted each year usually starting in March. Contact us if you are interested.

We have prepared a document, including photos, of our Club's history - click here to read / download.

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